Monday, January 7, 2013

Emily's Christmas Gift - Part 2

Along with the Christmas mini album I give my sister-in-law Emily every year, I also made her a Greeting Card Organizer.  I made two and let her choose which one she wanted and kept the other for myself.  (BTW, if you were curious, she chose organizer #2!)  Do you find yourself making things for other people and NEVER making anything for yourself?  I do!  So, sometimes I make two of something so I can keep one.

I bought the kits from Joey Otlo at the Cat's Creations Scrapbooks National Scrapbook Day Retreat last May.  If you click on Joey's name, it will take you to her blog where she has more kits for sale, including the Greeting Card Organizer kit.  The kit includes the organizer and the matching cards!

Organizer #1:

Organizer #2:


  1. Wow Allison, you put a ton of work into these projects! Beautiful on all levels and I'm sure your SIL fell in love with her gifts!

  2. You are one smart gal! These are great!

  3. Ooooh I would have a hard time choosing! Love both of them and the cards!
    visit my blog @ sandy's crafty creations

  4. Oh Good did this TOO for her and the cards!!!!! I pray my sister in law doesn't see this blog...she'll think I'm a slacker. ( The cards are wonderful and yes, I try to make me something extra every once in a while for the reason you mentioned...haha

  5. LOVE these both. I'm glad you got to keep one!