Thursday, May 30, 2013

May SU Stamp Club

First I want to apologize to my followers - life has taken over my time and I have not been able to craft like I used to.  Hopefully now that school is over I will settle into a routine again, but I doubt it because my transcription job is in full swing along with my newest part-time job at The Container Store.  Don't you just hate when life interrupts your crafting?!

At least I still have my monthly Stampin' Up! Stamp Club to look forward to if I can't manage to find time to craft on my own.  This month we made two cards that have nature themes - one with a huge butterfly and the other with a hydrangea.  I laughed when I saw the butterfly card because my mom sent me a card using the same image that she made with her Stampin' Up! gal.  I thought I'd show off her card as well.

Mom's card:

My card:

I think I prefer the simplicity of the card my mom made over the one I made.  Plus, you can't tell from this photo, but the blue embossed butterfly really pops on the dark brown background.

The other card we made at Stamp Club uses an image of a hydrangea that we "colored" using ink and sponge daubers.  We "dyed" the ribbon using the sponge daubers, too.  It's fun to try techniques at Stamp Club that I would never do on my own!


  1. hello stranger! Good to have you back! I am sad that your jobs are keeping you from crafting! Glad you got some therapy at Stampin Up club! Hope to see you a little more over the summer!

  2. You are busy, busy with those jobs. But glad you still craft at the Stampin' Up! club! Love your mom's card and yours too. The butterfly is so pretty. Funny that she sent you the card and you'd both made it at SU. Love the friend card too. Very pretty colors.