Monday, August 1, 2011

Hambo Hoedown - Rebel

This week's Hambo Hoedown challenge was to use the rebel digi image and sentiment along with some stitching - faux or real.  I've not done much of this, so there's only a tiny bit of faux stitching on my card...didn't want to ruin such a cute card with some of my lame-looking faux stitching!  LOL  Any suggestions?  Should my holes be closer together?  farther apart? different kind of pen?

My husband loved this image.  He used to participate in Civil War re-enactments when he was in high school.  He thought my colors were pretty authentic but did suggest that the blue on the uniform trim could have been a lighter shade.  WOW!  He knows his stuff, doesn't he?!


  1. Great job on this Allison! I think your faux stitching looks fine just as it is. Thanks for playing along with us! :)

  2. I just saw this image on someone else's blog, and thought it was pretty nifty! LOVE the card! And the faux stitching looks great!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and leaving some love. Glad you are enjoying the freebies!

  3. Awesome stitching and love the star embossed background!

  4. Love your embossed background and your stitching is fabulous! Thanks for playing in the hoedown this week!