Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dustin Pike & Bo Bunny

Okay, have you ever had one of those days?  What about one of those weeks?  I'm hoping that my string of bad luck has run out.  Don't they say that bad things come in 3's?  Well, I'm past due for good since I count 4 rotten things since Sunday! 

Let's count together:
1.  My cute little VW bug died as I was entering a traffic circle on Sunday.  OMG!  People drive so crazy on traffic circles anyway - not the best place for your car to decide to just stop running.  I found an open Pep Boys shop and replaced the battery.  They gave me no guarantees that that was the cause of the problems, but in my opinion it couldn't hurt since it didn't test at 100%.
2.  On Monday, I broke my pinkie toe while substitute teaching in kindergarten.  Lesson learned: kindergarteners cannot listen and walk at the same time.  When the child stopped cold in her tracks as I was talking quietly to her about, of all things, being sure she was all the way in the bathroom BEFORE pulling her panties down, I ran right into the back of her tennis shoe!
3.  Tuesday was my birthday - Thank goodness we celebrated on Sunday evening on my husband's birthday.  I'm in charge of a very large school fundraiser that is expected to raise $17,000 in one evening of Carnival fun, and I got some very bad news that day about new policies that prevent us from publicizing the event the way we have in the past.
4.  Wednesday was kind of the cherry on top of the pile of bad!  I left school after a really rough afternoon with the first graders, and my not-so-cute-anymore VW bug wouldn't start.  I had to have it towed to the VW dealership, and it may be the fuel pump - more money, more aggravation.

Wonder what tomorrow has in store for me?  They say, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"  I think I'm going to be as strong as Superman.

So...what does my tale of woes have to do with Dustin Pike and Bo Bunny?!  By the end of the day yesterday when I made this card, I totally felt like this cat (a pre-colored image from Dustin Pike).  But, Bo Bunny paper (Peacock Lane collection) always makes me feel happy!


  1. I want to put LOL but somehow I don't think tha would be the proper response here LOL. Love that cat, though. Sorry you've had a stinky week!

  2. Hold on tight, Allison. The roller coaster is bound to slow down after a bit. I know what you mean tho, bc my life goes like that ALL the time--good luck with it all. And thanks again for helping Julie on FB!!

  3. Hi Allison! Sorry to hear you've had "one of those weeks"! I broke a toe once and that hurts like heck! You made a darling card in spite of it all; that cat digi is perfect for anybody having a bad day/week/month... lol! Feel better.

  4. You managed to put a humorous spin on what sounds like a miserable week. As a VW owner myself, I can sympathize with your car troubles! Here's hoping next week looks brighter.

    Your card is darling. I love the nestie you chose because it reminds me of the cat's claws!