Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Designed 2 Delight - Pumpkins and Tags

This week for the Designed 2 Delight Friday Free Image Challenge, we were given a set with several different types of images: a row of pumpkins, a label and a tag.  Thanks, Faith, for encouraging us to try something other than a card.  I used the tag and attached it to a Halloween bucket that I found in the $1 aisle at Target. (Please, step away from the $1 aisle where I end up spending $10 or $20 on things I didn't go to Target to get!)  Thanks to my friend Pam at Scrap Rehab, I learned what it is to "Boo Your Neighbor" - a concept I had never heard of before.  You can read all about it here.  So, I decided to decorate the cute little bucket with some ribbon and my D2D tag and fill it with my famous peanut butter cup cookies.  I plan to make 3 of these so that I can begin to "Boo" my neighbors.  Hopefully someone will "Boo" me, too!  LOL

I'm also entering this project in the following challenge:

 This is a sample of one of the signs the neighbors put out to let people on the block know they've been "Boo'ed" even though they don't know who did it!  If you follow the link above for the full explanation, you can find several different signs and poems to download and print so you can "Boo" your neighbors, too!

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  1. This project is adorable!! And so festive! I love the purple with the orange and black!