Friday, November 4, 2011

OWH Card Party at Cat's Creations Scrapbooks

Last night I participated in another bi-monthly Operation Write Home Card Party held at Cat's Creations Scrapbooks in Mineral Wells, TX.  I take the supplies (card bases, OWH labels, envelopes, large flat rate box) and make sure that the administrative end of things are taken care of (no glitter, dark cards lined, all cards labeled and tucked).  Cat, the store owner, provides the location, encourages people to come, and provides a few supplies for those who don't bring their own.

We had 7 women attend and got 113 cards into the box.  Cat is hosting a 4-day scrapbook retreat that starts next Thursday and decided that we could get the ladies to make a few more cards and fill the box by the end of next weekend - WOOHOO! 

Pictured below are some of the LOVE cards that we put in the box tonight.  Don't forget that the deadline for Valentine's Day (we're doing LOVE because they have a longer shelf life) is December 31!  Please help the shippers and make sure your cards ARRIVE by December 31 or earlier.  :-)

And we also got some birthday cards as well...

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  1. Allison, All of your cards are so beautiful! The card with the four hearts really stands out.The music card with the blue frame is so lovely! I love the They are all really great.