Sunday, January 6, 2013

Emily's Christmas Gift - Part 1

Every year I make a Christmas mini album for my sister-in-law Emily.  She opens it on Christmas Eve, ooohs and aaahs, and hands it back to me!  Yes, she hands it back to me because it does not yet have photos in it.  A few days later she gives me her stack of Christmas photos, and usually by the end of January she gets back her completed Christmas album WITH photos!

I always use a kit to make her Christmas albums so they are nicely coordinated.  I buy my kits at Cat's Creations Scrapbooks in Mineral Wells, TX, my local scrapbook store.  I attend her twice monthly crops and 4-day retreats - that's where I work on putting together the album every year and then completing it with the photos.  So, thank you, Cat, for making gift giving easy!  Visit her website often and subscribe to her blog to see some of the beautiful album classes she teaches.  She can mail kits to anyone who might see something they want to make!

Here's this year's album without the photos yet!

Front Cover

Center Spread
Some of the Other Pages (this was a much larger album than I usually make):


  1. I love these mini album. They hold a lot and are so cute. Great job and wonderful gift.

  2. Your album turned out wonderful and how awesome that you also put the photos in it for her later!

  3. What a marvelous, wonderful gift to give and the story of how she gets it back after you put in the WONDERFUL SIL you are.

  4. the gift that keeps on giving! Hmmm...wish you were my SIL!

  5. Beautiful...What a great gift idea!