Sunday, March 24, 2013

Copic Coloring with Sandy Allnock

Yesterday I was finally able to take one of Sandy Allnock's Copic coloring classes on  We used the Daisy Cupcake image from Fred She Said.  I had a whole sheet of them printed out and made them larger than I normally would so they would be easier to color.

This was a fun way to learn how to color an image.  It's nice for someone else to tell me where the shading should go - that's usually my biggest struggle!  My only problem with a live online class like this is that I'm very slow at coloring and had a difficult time keeping up.  BUT, she provides everyone in the class with a PDF file of the colored images so that you can go back and work at your own pace any time you want to!

Here are the two cupcakes I managed to color:

On the first one, my reds bled a lot.  To resolve this issue, I colored the flower and leaves from another cupcake (I had 9 images printed after all!) and then fussy cut and adhered with dimensional adhesive to the original cupcake.  I like how this turned out in the end, although I should have colored the center of the flower a different color.  A pale yellow would have been better.

This is the one that Sandy described as the German Chocolate cupcake.  I didn't have the exact marker colors she used but tried to come close with the browns I had.  My greens bled outside the edges a bit, so I may have to fussy cut this one to use it on a card.

Be on the lookout for my completed cards using my newly colored images!  :-)


  1. I was going to take her class and I forgot but your cupcakes came out great!

  2. The highlights in the German Chocolate version are stronger and give it a nice dimension amd depth. A yellow ceneter on the blue flower would be nice... You can always fussy cut and glue one in :) Nice work Allison. And when it come to coloring I have always believed the more you do it the better you get.

  3. I think you did great on both. You could add a brad or an embellishment to the center of the blue flower. If that little bit of bleeding from the green bothers you, you can carefully color it with a white gel pen.

  4. Gorgeous coloring. I've always wanted to take one of Sandy's classes. Really looks like you've done a wonderful job with the Copics.

  5. Just soooo lovely. I took wo classes at a near by store and then they moved. Humm, perhaps I should look into an online class. YEs, shadowing is my biggest struggle and next, adding different colors to an image. I think you are doing wonderfully!!!

  6. I'm with you! I'm not good with shading. Looks like you learned a lot! Good for you! I forget about those classes or they happen when I can't join in. Glad you got to do that. Looking forward to seeing these cupcakes on a card!

  7. The class times on a Saturday never seems to work for me. I know that if I get busy crafting I would forget them and I know it's just a $1 but still it would add up over time. Ha, Ha. I agree, coloring with Copics takes time and shading/shadows are the hardest. I tend to always have my light come from the same side so I put the shade/shadow on the same time. Easier to remember for me. :) I think of the two the chocolate one is the best as you can see the shading much better. Get that Colorless blender out to clean up colors out of line or the white gel pen works great too!

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