Monday, March 4, 2013

SU February Stamp Club

This month at Stamp Club with Christi Beck we made product showcase cards - that means there was a lot of little things on our cards and we used lots of different products.  One was easy for me and the other was quite the challenge.  Read on to find out just what I mean!

This was the "easy" card.  While it had lots of little pieces, the stamping part was pretty straightforward.

On the other card, this is the card I dubbed the one "only a mother could love!"  Let me point out all the imperfections in my stamping.  On the rose, I got some of the red ink onto the green leaves.  The "practice" one I did, of course, was perfect!  On the sentiment, you will notice that I didn't get the "o" stamped very well and there is an outline shadow on the left side.  Then, on that cute little flag peeking out, we had to stamp in Pool Party with one stamp set and then stamp right on top in the brown with another stamp set.  I just knew I wouldn't be able to get it lined up - and I didn't!  LOL
So, Mom, since this is a card only a mother could love, look for it in your mailbox!  :-)


  1. Don't send that to your mother! Just kidding. You are brave to point out all your flaws! It happens to all of us. My practice ones always look better! I think because we know we can't mess it up and then we do! Still beautiful cards even with the small imperfections!

  2. Ha,ha. Too funny about your stamping oopsies. If you hadn't told us, I don't think I'd noticed. :) Love both of your cards!
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  3. Thank you for sharing your imperfect card. It's nice to know other people mess up too.