Sunday, May 22, 2011

Father's Day Cards

Here are two of the cards I made using more of the origami ties I created while substitute teaching (Don't worry, the kids were watching a video!).  The design for the one with the pants was CASE'd from another OWH card maker: Missy Pinkerton McKibben who posted her example on the OWH Facebook page.  Thanks for sharing, Missy!  These cards were sent to OWH last week in order to make the Father's Day deadline of May 21.  The next deadline is May 31 for Independence Day cards - moving from ties to red, white and blue!  WOOHOO!


  1. hey allison... these cards are great! the black looks all dressed up and the brown looks so comfy!! i'm wondering what the belt buckle is???

  2. Too cute. The ties are addicting to fold.