Saturday, May 14, 2011

Father's Day Ties

After seeing the challenge on the Stars & Stamps Blog and the tutorial by Kate, I decided that I would make some origami ties.  I was substitute teaching the other day and had to show a movie, so I made ties while the kids watched the movie.  Here's a pic of about half of the ties I made!
Then I came home and made my required 5 cards!  Here are the photos of those.

We're spending the weekend in a hotel at a soccer tournament with my daughter because we have so many games spread out through the day, so I'll have to make more cards with these ties next week.  I figure if I run out of steam before the Father's Day deadline of May 21, I can always use them to make masculine birthday cards, right?!


  1. Great cards and ties Allison. Hope you win the soccer tournament!

  2. I agree Allison these tie cards would be great year-round for guy cards... thinking of you or birthdays. Nice job!