Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Fall Wreath

I don't make wreaths, but I bought this one at our school's annual "Pumpkin Patch" that sells decorated and painted pumpkins along with a whole slew of other decorative items that parents make.  I knew my mom would want to see it - she follows my blog!  LOL  This way she can tell me if I should hang it differently.  I'm sure she will make a suggestion because now that I look at the photos I'm thinking the decorated part should not go straight across the bottom.  What do you think?

Edited to Add:  My mom called me and said definitely NOT Choice A.  Do you like Choice B or Choice C better?!

Choice A
Choice B

Choice C


  1. I think choice C is the one I'd do! Very pretty wreath. I have a skeleton door hanger I made years ago on my door right now.
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  2. I pick "C". It looks the the "C's" may have it!